What are your opening hours?

We are available to cater 7 days a week, for any event from breakfast to supper, surcharges to staffing costs may apply when your event is outside normal trading hours.

Do I need to tell you my budget?

Yes, yes & yes. First and foremost, know your budget and don't be afraid to tell us. It might seem simple, but you'd be surprised at the amount of people who don't want to tell or haven't really thought it out. By putting your cards on the table the first time, you will receive a concise and realistic quotation. Our job is to give you the best event possible within your budgetary constraints.

Can I taste anything on the menu before I book my event?

Yes, you can taste menu items for a prospective event, although you will be charged for this tasting. Should you proceed with the event, the cost of the tasting will be deducted from your final account.

I don't see anything I like in the menus, will you make me something special?

Here at Adam Brooks Catering we pride ourselves at being able to satisfy your requests, If you do have a special request we will try our utmost to accommodate.

How much food should I order for my cocktail party?

This will depend on a number of variables, such as duration, time of day, alcohol consumption and appetites of guests, our sales representatives will suggest an amount of food we feel appropriate, we suggest you consider our expert advice.

How many staff members will I require for my event?

We will suggest a staffing ratio based on our own experience. This ratio may be negotiable depending on the feel you want your event to have for your guests, although we do have minimum staffing requirements for all events.

We do not recommend you employ the help of friends and relatives, while these intentions are always good, in our experience the outcome is not always awesome.

Will you cater on a public holiday?

Yes, we are able to cater for you on a public holiday, although there will be a surcharge on staffing costs of double time and a half of normal rates and there will be an additional surcharge on food of between 10%-20%.

Do you have a minimum or maximum number of guests that you cater for?

We do have minimum numbers on some of our menus, but for the most part no. What can happen with smaller numbers is that the price per person may seem disproportional.

What about staff rates & ratios?

The ratios below represent the number of staff required for efficient service at an average function and should be used as a guide only. In many situations we would recommend more staff to counteract higher labour demands such as difficult geography, glass washing requirements, and other unique situations.

We want to give you the best service possible hence we are strict to our staff to guest ratios. Due to occupational health and safety legislation it is imperative we ensure that neither our service, nor our staffs' safety is compromised.

Staffing Ratios (per element of service)

Bar Service only 1 staff per 50 guests
Food Service Staff per 35 guests
5 or more staff 1 Supervisor required
10 or more staff 2 Supervisors required

For example: 100 pax - cocktail style with full food & beverage service = 1 supervisor, 2 drink & 3 food staff: 6 staff in total recommended.

Basic staff rates (minimum 3 hour shift per staff) as of January 2011.
All rates PLUS GST

Bar staff From $30 per hour
Food and beverage team member From $25 per hour
Supervisory staff From $40 - $45 per hour
Cocktail bar person From $40 per hour
Set up team member From $37 per hour
Catering assistant From $37 - 45 per hour
Clean up person From $36 per hour
Cancellation fee (less than 48 hours) $120.00
Cancellation fee (same day) 100% of intended booking charge

Note: Cancellation fees will apply for catering, hire and beverages if included in the function, for eg: full catering costs will apply if sufficient notice of cancellation is not received.

What uniform will staff wear?

Staff will wear a crisp white shirt and tie or black shirt, black pants or skirt and black shoes. A more casual option can be organised to suit the style of your function, or you can also supply the uniform / costume and we will wear it.

Wedding reception checklist

Please consider the following to ensure your day runs smoothly.

Drinking water - Robe water is not pleasant to drink so purchase bottled water or cask packs. Supply at least 1litre per person. Don't forget ice!

Things you may need to consider hiring:

  • Napkins
  • Crockery - entrée/main course/dessert plates. Side plates for bread. Teacups and saucers
  • Cutlery - entrée/main course/ dessert - remember teaspoons for coffee/tea
  • Trestle Tables- should you need to setup a kitchen area
  • Wine coolers
  • Water jugs
  • Glassware
  • Bar requirements - coolroom/eskys/bottle openers